The Changing Face of Landscaping

Exotic flowers, bushes and trees have often been used to create unusual and eye catching landscapes. Grasses have been imported into new areas to create stunning lawns that cover yards like emerald carpets. All of these landscaping features look beautiful when combined properly. One of the issues with them is the amount of resources they require. Daily watering is no longer allowed in many towns and cities. Adjustments have been brought to landscaping that accommodates this new standard of resource conservation.

Landscaping any property requires thought and planning, and irrigation is only one small facet of the overall picture. Creating areas for trees and flower beds is part of making a property look beautiful. Parking areas, patios and walks are now considered to be an important part of landscaping. They must fit into the area naturally while serving a useful function.

Concrete walkways and patios have been popular for many landscaping projects. It is a simple mixture of cement, silica sand, small rocks and water. The proportions can be adjusted for almost any project, and it can be mixed in batches of any size. Many of the ingredients can be purchased locally to save time and money. Small rocks and silica sand are found in many communities. There is no special type of water, and the garden hose will provide what is necessary. Cement is often available at local home improvement stores.

Homeowners and landscape professionals have begun designing landscapes with local plants. This cuts down on maintenance, and it also cuts down on excessive water usage. Plants that are adapted to the local environment do not need more watering than natural rainfall. Local plants are also adapted to fight off weeds in the area's environment. Building a beautiful landscape with local plants has become the new standard in landscaping.